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0022162Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-11 23:42
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Summary0022162: Mara: Gut Ripper incorrect ability description
DescriptionGut Ripper's text mentions that the ''next damaging ability'' will be automatically critical. This doesn't line up with the intended effect of the crit affecting the next abillity damage INSTANCE. As the description stands, one could think that Gut Ripper would make the entire Convulsive Slashing ability channel crit.

I would suggest a rewording such as:
"... and makes your next, consequently-cast, ability damage instance within 5 seconds automatically critical."

The "consequently-cast" adjective is added to signify that previously placed DOTs will not ''consume'' Gut Ripper's effect due to their ticks. It can be omitted if it's redundant
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2024-01-22 12:36


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2024-06-11 23:41

manager   ~0043434

A savage attack that guts your opponent, dealing 558 damage. Your next, consequently-cast, damaging ability instance within 5 seconds will automatically critical hit.

Changed, thank you.

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