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0021693Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-05-30 15:44
Reporterstanqderzweite Assigned ToNatherul  
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Summary0021693: Guild-banner borked
guild-banners donĀ“t work as they should. Planted one in Avelorn/ defence. No buffs on me and allies, and game told me all time that i am holding a Banner, and cannot use my abilities cause of that. All character-abilities where greyed out, but i was able to use them... Banner was standing a few feet infront of me.

cannot send a screenshot for that, was busy with fighting and beeing confused, cause of that message, which popped up every time i used an ability.

Hope you can fix that as well...i know, you guys have a lot to do actually.
Thanks for all the hard work!!!
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2024-03-21 23:35

reporter   ~0042599

Let me add some screenshots and info to this report in an effort to either get it fixed or for the Devs to report it's intended.

Banners have no speed increase.
Banners only buff the person when carrying it, when placed the buffs disappear. (see screenshots)
Banners NEVER buff any other players.
I tested 2 banners:
Warrior banner had Enhanced Reflexes, Vigor and Forceful bolts: 5% Weapon skill was added, AP increase is impossible to verify, Forceful bolts did increase ranged crit but lasted only for 2 seconds or less and then disappeared.
Campaigner's banner had Enhanced Endurance and Weapon Deflection, both worked as documented
However as said, all buffs disappeared once I planted my banners.
Squatshooter_013.jpg (377,447 bytes)
Squatshooter_012.jpg (369,271 bytes)


2024-05-01 19:30

reporter   ~0042757

Can also no longer pull it while taking damage..


2024-05-30 15:41

developer   ~0042983

Partly fixed. Still working on more fixes but at least with next patch buffs should work (not speed however)


2024-05-30 15:44

developer   ~0042985

marking as resolved for the speed as that is in another ticket and dealing with speed in that ticket.

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