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0022714Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-11 16:18
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Summary0022714: Restored / repaired keep doors have much lower health than the original door
DescriptionIf a keep door is destroyed completely and then the keep is defended, the restored door has much lower health than the original door. A ram hitting for the normal door for 2-3% will hit the restored door for 6-8%, even for high level 3 star keeps. This gives the defenders very little time to react as the door dies very quickly.

This might be an intended mechanic, but if so it feels like the numbers need some tweaking, at least the health of the restored door should take the level of the keep into account.
Additional InformationRepairing a non-destroyed door seems to be fine, only when the door is fully destroyed and rebuilt does this issue occur.
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2024-05-28 05:28

developer   ~0042937

Issue seemingly found and fixed in upcoming patch. On keep safe the respawn logic restored original door HP and did not care about rank


2024-06-11 16:17

reporter   ~0043425

While this does seem to have improved with the current patch, a repaired 2-star keep door is still being hit for 5% per hit which is more than double a "normal" door.


2024-06-11 16:18

reporter   ~0043426

dooooooor.png (49,481 bytes)   
dooooooor.png (49,481 bytes)   

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