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0022008Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-12 19:50
Reporterrrrutsss Assigned ToGobtar  
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Summary0022008: Armor proc: Aggrevate
DescriptionArmor bonus proc Aggrevate does not work-it should work like normal taunt.
If it procs it gives me 15 sec buff, does not appear on enemy(like taunt should) and the buff does nothing at all ,dpesnnot taumt does not increase damage and if i get hit then the buff disappears right away.
only 15sec timer appears on buff list but it does nothing.
Tried on construct while other guy was autoattacking it and he had aggro, started hitting construct , got the proc and countdown 15secs on my buff list but it does not taunt the target and it does not increase damage and it does not disappear even if i keep hitting enemy, only disappears when count down 15secs is over or enemy hits atleast once.
Steps To ReproduceWear 5 dominator pieces and attack enemy.
Buff will appear on you for 15 secs but does nothing at all and disapears if enemy hits atleast once.
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has duplicate 0022419 closedGobtar [Item Proc] Aggravation 




2024-01-02 16:07


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2024-06-12 19:50

developer   ~0043450

Hello rrrutsss,

I was able to replicate the issue and will be attempting to resolve the issue.

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