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0022550Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-12 21:53
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Summary0022550: WH morale build up while using dragon gun sometimes resets to 0 after granting the proper morale amount
DescriptionWhile using Dragon Gun on my WH in PvE I pull several mobs, hit Repel Blaspheme, get to 5 accusations, wait for RB to end, then hit Dragon Gun for morale pump to pop M1 but relativity often (maybe once out of 10 try's) I get the morale but it will be reset back to 0. So I see M1 light up, go to activate it and by the time I hit the key its grayed out again and unusable.

I don't use a Dragon Gun spec in RvR so I have not tried it out to see if its the same there, if it does this in RvR it would truly be a killer as the morale seems to drop to 0 so even what was build up prior to using Dragon Gun is lost.
Steps To ReproduceGrab a bunch of mobs and pop Dragon Gun, seems to happen the most if I wait a bit to use the morale that was given so maybe use Repel Blaspheme and wait for it to end to try to use the M1. It happens often enough for me that it hopefully should not take more that a few minutes to reproduce this.
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2024-06-12 21:53

manager   ~0043458

please provide more feedback, video of this happening would be best, thank you

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