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0022724Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-23 07:00
ReporterCyberTiger1 Assigned ToEmissary  
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Summary0022724: Character Login
DescriptionOne character (lvl 40) now appears in the login screen wearing only a cape. The game will attempt to login, stop at “handshaking with server” for approximately one minute, then return to the character screen. At this point, “play” cannot be selected and the game must be restarted.

Other characters load correctly.
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2024-06-03 20:36

manager   ~0043072

Hi CyberTiger1,

Thank you for your report. Is this still an issue with your level 40 character appearing in the login screen wearing only a cape and getting stuck at "handshaking with server"?

Please provide feedback so we can assist you further. If the problem persists, additional details or steps you have tried to resolve it would be helpful.

Thank you for helping us improve the game!

Best regards,


2024-06-12 04:35

reporter   ~0043441


Thanks for the response!

Yes, it is. On the initial load, the “handshake” and “logging in” finishes. I’m able to select all characters. When the level 40 is selected, the game attempts to load Dragonwake, after about one minute it loads the character screen with only the level 40. I can select “servers” or “exit”. When I select “servers”, I see Martyr’s Square, the game says “searching for allies” three times, and hangs. From here I can only select “exit”.

All of the other characters work just fine.



2024-06-19 03:38

manager   ~0043572

what is the name of this character?


2024-06-21 21:29

reporter   ~0043671

It is “Ankheng”


2024-06-22 00:11

manager   ~0043674

try it now please


2024-06-23 07:00

reporter   ~0043697

The game is doing the same thing: attempting to load Ankheng in Dragonwake then crashing.

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