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0014970Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-12 19:55
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Summary0014970: Invader Head Gear WH, WL, SW
DescriptionReporter: Gunlingers

The Invader Head Gear of the WH (and as some others tested, the one of WL and SW too)
and most likely all Invader Hats from Dps classes with +3% Armor Penetration on it, are
Bugged. They show different Boni while equipped and on different places in the Inventory.

But MOST IMPORTANT, it grants +3 Intelligence instead of +3% Armor Penetration.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Put Invader Hat on as WH, WL, SW... ''Mouse over'' the equipped Hat. As WH it will show
+29 Strength
+13 Toughness
+18 Initiative
(it should show +3% Armor Penetration here)
But it shows some random things here like +10% Autoattack Haste or +2% Melee Critical Chance
If placed in the Inventory it switches the Boni randomly by switching the place in the Inventory.
Sometimes it shows nothing at all, or Resistance there.

![resi 2](
![int ohne](
![int mit](

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2023-08-13 04:00

reporter   ~0027545

Commenter: ghost

All Invader head pieces gives the +3% Armor Penetration. You should only check those flat stats with .getstats, because the ones in the character sheet can be wrong. The other stats, which are shown instead on the helm, are just a visual bug.


2024-06-12 19:55

developer   ~0043451


I have confirmed that these gear bonuses are appearing on the character's bonuses appropriate, however this is a visual bug with the paper doll that would require coding with the client.

This is largely just a visual bug and should not impact gameplay, given the resources required to fix this visual bug, we will not be resolving this issue in the near feature, though we will make efforts to do so as the resources become available.

Thank you for your patience.

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