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0021069Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-10 13:58
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Summary0021069: Warlord-4p-Setbonus (6% EvadeStrikethrough) not working on SW
DescriptionHey, I got a problem on my new SW gear. GM could not help me. The 4piece Set-Bonus of Warlord is not working. I should have 12% EvadeStrikethrough, in Assault Stance also 12% ParryStrikethrough. I only got 6%. These 6% are from 3p Genesis-Setbonus (3%) and from Triumphant Gloves (3%). So in total should be 12%. When I unequip the Genesis and the Triumphant and only Warlord is equipped, I have 0%. So the Warlord-Setbonus is not working on my toon.

(GobtarEDIT: I will be addressing the core issue of this bug here, the strikethrough component will be fully addressed in 0021577)
Steps To ReproduceI checked .getstats.
I unequipped Warlord = still 6%
I equipped all = also 6%
I unequipped Genesis and Triumphant, Warlord was equipped = 0%
So Warlord is not working.
TagsCombat Mechanics, Set Bonus, Shadow Warrior, Squig Herder, Stance




2024-05-23 09:07

reporter   ~0042915

Same bug as 0021577 and 0021731


2024-06-07 02:34

developer   ~0043272

Warlord's Forest Courser Kit should now correctly provide 6% evade strikethrough.
Thank you for reporting this bug report!


2024-06-10 13:35

developer   ~0043394

Last edited: 2024-06-10 13:56

Hello Fenris78

Re: 0021577

I have reviewed the issue, and, with testing, confirmed that the evade strikethrough component is not turning into parry strikethrough. I have also determined that Strikethrough may or may not be within the scope of the tooltip term "Prowess", as the ability is working similarly to it's legacy counterpart.

I have raised this issue to the balance team, who will determine whether or not Strikethrough counts as part of "Prowess" and should be converted when in Assault Stance, and if Squig Armor should likewise be effected.

I will address that part of the issue there, as this is two separate bugs.

Sorry for the confusion.


2024-06-10 13:58

developer   ~0043396

Please see 0021577 for any further updates regarding Range Prowess conversion.

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