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0021376Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2023-12-07 18:52
Reportergarnoud Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0021376: Reckless gamble and Inevitable doom

With the previous patch, Reckless gamble would proc off every tick on all targets that are effected by Inevitable doom(ID) .

With current patch, on live server, Reckless gamble only procs of the initial target, and hits once instead of every ID tick, on the target you applied ID on.
Steps To ReproduceApply ID to any dummy/monster .

Note reckless gamble only procs on first hit, on one target.
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2023-11-28 14:09

reporter   ~0040362

Actually, testing more.

ID can now be applied to the same target twice. For example, when a SM uses wispering wind, you can spam ID on one target, and it will be planted twice on the same target.

However, when you try to plant ID on several targets, ID on other targets seems to go away.


2023-11-28 14:19

reporter   ~0040363

Looks like ID is now limited to be allowed to run twice, be it on one target or 2.

When trying to put ID on 3 targets the first ID gets removed.


2023-11-28 21:05

reporter   ~0040391

So you fixed ID not stacking on a target. good.

1. ID now gets removed when another ID stops. Example:
Target 1 : Used ID, duration 4 sec
Target 2 : used ID, duration 6 sec

Target 2 its ID gets killed, the moment ID of target 1 ends.

Also, ID no longer gets a 8 sec. I only see 4 or 6 sec duration.


2023-12-02 18:27

reporter   ~0040627

I think Reckless gamble triggering only on the first attack "dot application" is intended as the applying of ID is the only thing considered a strike of a melee attack.
 I tested for a bit and also could only get 6s duration.
Screenshot_292.jpg (67,249 bytes)   
Screenshot_292.jpg (67,249 bytes)   


2023-12-05 18:48

manager   ~0040671


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