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0021577Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-12 22:21
Reporterthanxforror Assigned ToGobtar  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0021577: [SW] No EvadeStrikethrough converted into ParryStrikethrough in Assault-Stance.
DescriptionIn Assault-Stance there is no more ParryStrikethrough converted from EvadeStrikethrough.

The 4p-Bonus from Warlord-Set (+6% EvadeStrikethrough) is not working. I just made a BugTracker weeks ago to this subject.
Steps To ReproduceNo Parrystrikethrough:

- Activate Assault-Stance
- Read the Buff-Textbox (no more ParryStrikethrough mentioned)
- checked it with .getstats -> only EvadeStrikethrough, no more ParryStrikethrough


- No Gear equipped -> 0% EvadeStrikethrough with .getstats
- 4p Warlord equipped -> still 0% EvadeStrikethrough with .getstats
TagsCombat Mechanics, Set Bonus, Shadow Warrior, Squig Herder, Stance


has duplicate 0022815 closedEmissary [SW-SH] Melee Stance not converting Dodge Strikethrough to Parry Strikethrough 




2024-01-29 10:44

reporter   ~0042330

Confirmed bug, see screenshots ; first with 1% from blue gunbad jewel (only 1% evade strikethrought is displayed in .getstat, and not converted into parry strikethrough), second one with tactic "Discerning Offense", showing 10% for all values (dodge, parry, disrupt and block), and oddly a 12% to evade st (looks like multiplicative with the 1% and rounded up for some reason).

Assault stance not converting ranged strikethrough to parry st, and warlord 4 pcs bonus not working either (should display 7%-17% in my case for all values).
bug_SW_Dodge_ST.jpg (127,698 bytes)   
bug_SW_Dodge_ST.jpg (127,698 bytes)   
bug_SW_Dodge_ST_tactic.jpg (132,660 bytes)   
bug_SW_Dodge_ST_tactic.jpg (132,660 bytes)   


2024-05-23 09:01

reporter   ~0042914

Added some more screenshots to (hopefully) help fixing this old issue.

Warlord 4 pcs bonus still not taken into account for evade strikethrough, and no evade ST converted to Parry ST to date.

Discerning offense tactic (10% strikethrough all defenses) is working when equiped, but for some reason is displaying 7 +11% instead of 7+10%...

In either case, no bonus from Warlord 4 pieces, and no parry strikethrough from assault stance at all.
Discerning offense-working.jpg (107,764 bytes)   
Discerning offense-working.jpg (107,764 bytes)   


2024-05-23 09:08

reporter   ~0042916

Already reported on issues 0021731 and 0021069


2024-06-07 02:39

developer   ~0043274

Last edited: 2024-06-07 02:45

Hello thanxforror and Fenris78

I was able to replicate this issue.

Related issues regarding the set bonuses have been resolved.
(Warlord's Forest Courser Kit and Warlord's Squig Calla Kit should now correctly provide 6% evade strikethrough.)

I will be leaving this ticket open while we review Strikethrough component of this bug.


2024-06-07 12:50

developer   ~0043294

Hello thanxforror,

I have reviewed the issue, and, with testing, confirmed that the evade strikethrough component is not turning into parry strikethrough. I have also determined that Strikethrough may or may not be within the scope of the tooltip term "Prowess", as the ability is working similarly to it's legacy counterpart.

I have raised this issue to the balance team, who will determine whether or not Strikethrough counts as part of "Prowess" and should be converted when in Assault Stance, and if Squig Armor should likewise be effected.

Thank you for you time!


2024-06-10 16:40

developer   ~0043400

Hello again,

I have reviewed the issue with the balance team, and we will be implementing the conversion of range strike-through to melee strike-through. I will be attempting to resolve this issue promptly

Thank you for your patience and diligence.


2024-06-10 20:31

developer   ~0043405

Hello again thanxforror and Fenris78,

With the permission of the balance team, I have implemented a fix that will convert Evade Strikethrough into melee Strikethrough. This has been implemented and ready for production. This change should be rolled out in the next patch.

I hope you are excited to enjoy your melee builds!

Thank you again for your patience!

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