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0021650Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-01-25 19:56
Reportersativagreen Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0021650: Ironbreaker's Away With Ye doesn't Knockdown mobs
DescriptionIronbreaker's ability "Away With Ye" knockaway/knockdown does not knockdown mobs
Steps To ReproduceUse ability on a monster and see that it no longer knocks them down.
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2024-01-25 00:14

reporter   ~0042265

Few knockback abilities that used dual function to knockdown mobs no longer function to do so. Can easily test by using trainer dummy to see if immunity is granted or not. True knockdowns like Ironbreaker "Shield Reprisal" works fine in PvM but several abilities that are "dual use" do not seem to function on monsters.

I did not test Morales except the M1 on Engineer since its frequently used but here is what I've found on Order (I'm assuming any mirror abilities are not working, too).

These abilities are not knocking down monsters:
Ironbreaker - Away With Ye, Powered Etchings [Tactic]
Swordmaster - Gusting Wind, Mighty Gale
KotBS - Repel Darkness
Archmage - Cleansing Flare
Warrior Priest - Divine Shock
Runepriest - Rune of Sundering
Bright Wizard - Backdraft
Engineer - Stopping Power [Tactic] (used to knock monsters backwards a little)

Tested & Working:
Archmage - Wind Blast
Swordmaster - Crashing Wave
Engineer - Concussion Grenade, Self Destruct, Land Mine, Point-Blank
Bright Wizard - Stop, Drop, and Roll
Ironbreaker - Shield Reprisal, Cave-In
Shadow Warrior - Exploit Weakness
Witch Hunter - Pistol Whip, Dragon Gun, Declare Anathema [Stagger]
Runepriest - Rune of Binding [Stagger]
KotBS - Smashing Counter
Slayer - Incapacitate
White Lion - Brutal Pounce


2024-01-25 09:02

manager   ~0042267

fixed, pending deploy


2024-01-25 19:56

manager   ~0042275


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