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0021773Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-16 17:19
ReporterScottx125 Assigned ToEmissary  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0021773: Life steal healing does not trigger "On Heal" procs.
DescriptionFor the WP Grace Set, the 7 piece bonus states that "On Heal: Regain 60RF over 3 seconds". This is uniquely different from "On Casted Heals". Meaning it should work with life steal healing. However, it only works on casted heals... Even non-life siphon abilities like Sigmar's Shield don't proc it. Even the healing aura which is technically "healing" does not proc this. Though I'm not sure if that should considering it's an aura..
Steps To ReproduceUse any melee life siphons, Divine Assault, Divine Strike, Sigmar's Radiance, even non-life siphons like Sigmar's Shield when wearing 7 piece Off-Sov.
Additional Information Video demoing some of the melee life siphons not proccing.
TagsAbility, armor, Set Bonus, Warrior Priest




2023-12-14 20:11

reporter   ~0041684

By casted heals, I mean it only procs on direct heals or hots from casted healing abilities.


2023-12-14 21:44

reporter   ~0041685

On heal means exactly what it says ; only casting a healing ability (direct heal or HoT) or "ticking" a direct heal effect (martyr's blessing, Master rune of Adamant, etc.) will trigger the proc.


2023-12-14 23:14

reporter   ~0041688

This bonus used to be On Block, but that might not exist under the new (old) ability system.


2023-12-14 23:27

reporter   ~0041689

@Fenris, On Heal is an ambiguous term then. It's either a bug with the set or a bug with how it's supposed to function. On heal means on ANY heal, if it means on casted heal. It should say "On Casted Heal", just like the Triumphant set says "On Casted Heal Ability". I should also mention in the vid, I block multiple times and it doesn't trigger the regen, so it's not "On Block".


2023-12-14 23:33

reporter   ~0041690

@Fenris, if you have tested it. The current On Heal, works as described. When you heal a target. Via a direct heal or via a HoT tick. You have 10% chance to regain X RF. It's not "On Casted Heal".


2023-12-14 23:47

reporter   ~0041691

Fenris is correct. Lifetaps are not counted as heals in terms of mechanics. They are melee attacks.


2023-12-15 00:59

reporter   ~0041693

@Rydiak Then the set is bugged, why on earth does Grace have RF regen when it has nothing to practically proc it.


2023-12-15 01:49

reporter   ~0041694

Yep, as I said it used to be On Block. It either needs to be changed back or changed to something completely different.


2024-06-05 03:07

manager   ~0043172

Hi Scottx125,

Thank you for your report. The issue with life steal healing not triggering "On Heal" procs for the Warrior Priest Grace Set, specifically the 7-piece bonus, has been noted. The intended behavior, where "On Heal" should work with life steal healing, does not seem to be functioning as expected.

If this issue is still occurring, please let us know. If we do not receive confirmation or additional details within the next 14 days, we will close this ticket.

Thank you for helping us improve the game!

Best regards,


2024-06-16 17:19

manager   ~0043493

New proc added to this sov set should now work for AP generation on block. Closing this ticket.

New proc will be on next patch

Thank you

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