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0021986Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-01-08 19:00
ReporterTruck Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0021986: KOTBS Ability (aura) incorrect stat buff
DescriptionI just hit 40 and going through my aura's and found out that my aura ability named, " Gather Your Resolve! " is currently not functioning correctly. The tooltip says that it increases all my resistances by 378. However, it is only buffing spiritual resistance by 378, Corporeal and Elemental are not buffed. Thanks for this awesome experience I get to take part in, and I really look forward to getting this buff fixed.
Steps To Reproduceclick buff to enable aura
Additional Informationturned it off and on and character panel displays only the Spiritual resistance changes.




2023-12-31 00:09

reporter   ~0041935

.getstats confirms it is working normally. This is a paperdoll bug only.


2024-01-02 11:57

manager   ~0041955

Fixed, pending deploy


2024-01-08 19:00

manager   ~0042007


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