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0022026Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-03-12 14:29
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Summary0022026: Inevitable Doom won't work if you already have two up
DescriptionInevitable Doom - Slayer's spell - will not apply a 3rd time if you already have two IDs up.

Tested it on RvR and on the Dummies, with Whispering Winds, and the tactic that reduces CD when you're in Red.

Big unintended nerf to Slayers since the WW + ID Spam combo was a pretty important part of our rotation.
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duplicate of 0021498 resolveddalen Inevitable Doom expiration incorrectly syncronizing 




2024-01-18 20:12

reporter   ~0042161

I can't even get a 2nd ID up most of the time, it goes on cooldown and no effect is applied to the target.


2024-03-05 15:23

reporter   ~0042548

This is what I found to happen:
Whenever you do a second application with the same initial duration as one currently active, it removes itself from the target. So if I apply ID and get 6 seconds and then move to 2nd target and apply again, if that duration is 4 seconds everything works fine. But if that is also 6 seconds, it instantly breaks and just is removed from the target.


Additionally, it only gives duration of 4 and 6 seconds, never of 8 seconds.

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