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0022033Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-01-10 13:55
ReporterGlorian Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0022033: [KOTBS] Blazing Blade does not stack on Target for each Kotbs that is applying it. Only one dot for n number of kotbs.
DescriptionThe Ability "Blazing Blade" can be applied to a target by a kotbs.
It does direct damage and then applies a 9 second dot.
And it can be applied 3 times.
So 3 possible stacks.

Kotbs 1 is using blazing Blade, the target shows 1x stack.
A different Kotbs 2 is hitting the target with blazing blade and the original Dot shows number x2 stacks.
Kotbs 1 is hitting the target again and it shows x3 stacks of the same abillity.

Only on one of the kotbs it is shown in the damage log that he does dot damage to the target.
Steps To ReproduceGet 2 kotbs.
Get a training construct.
2 Kotbs hit the target with blazing blade.
Only one icon shows up with 2x stacks.
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2024-01-07 23:32


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2024-01-08 19:24

manager   ~0042017

fixed, pending deploy


2024-01-10 13:55

manager   ~0042047


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