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0022037Return of ReckoningQuestspublic2024-06-12 19:48
ReporterWtfux Assigned Toekalime  
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Summary0022037: Nothing In Vain Questline - Faewulf's Rest PQ
DescriptionHello - during the Nothing In Vain questline you must go to Faewulf's Rest PQ to complete it. After you complete the first stage where you click on small tablets, you then have to destroy 8 summoning stones. When they spawn in the second stage, they all have 0% and you are unable to complete the stage to advance the PQ. I have repeated the PQ three times now to replicate this issue and tried relogging.
Steps To ReproduceI have waiting for reset and attempting up to stage it is bugged - Summong Stones remain at 0% and are unable to be killed.
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2024-02-01 07:11

reporter   ~0042352

Same issue, also every summoning stone is doubled and stacked upon each other. Sometimes one summoning stone has health and the other one not. Once destroyed a summoning stone will not reset with the public quest.
summoningStones.PNG (175,735 bytes)   
summoningStones.PNG (175,735 bytes)   

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