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0022051Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-22 16:46
Reportercriollo Assigned ToNatherul  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0022051: own buffs don't show up when you target yourself
DescriptionSince the last month big patch, I've been having some bugs with defensive target (default UI, I don't use PURE)
whenever I target someone and then target myself again, all my buffs/debufs/potions/AAO etc are gone

Creating a new char without any addon/profile doesn't fix it, so it's probably something server related
Steps To ReproduceTarget yourself, use potions or abilities, then target an ally or an enemy and target yourself again, now your defensive target frame will won't show anything

Happens with and without PURE
Additional Information@Omegus / zomega (in ROR discord) replicated it
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2024-01-10 21:08


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image.png (112,355 bytes)   


2024-01-12 04:46

reporter   ~0042085

Ive posted the same ( 0021813 )some time ago but thought it is pure addon malfunction. Obv is genetal ui bug that pure just represent. It is not a big deal but still it is inconvenient.


2024-06-22 16:46

developer   ~0043689

Should be fixed in next patch

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