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0022062Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-16 22:13
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Summary0022062: [Mara] Feading of Fear Tactic is giving more than 10% percentace chance to be crit
DescriptionI have 3x Futule Strikes on my mara and my total "Critical Hit Rate Reduction" is 17 and "Chance to be critically hit is 0.0%.
When FoF tactic is triggered, my Chance to be critically hit increases to 7.4%.
However, I already have 17% crit chance reduction so I should be 0% chance to be crit and Critical Hit Rate Reduction 7%.
Steps To ReproduceGive x3 Futule strike tactic
Check your "Chance to be critically hit" and "Critical Hit Rate Reduction" stats. (Mine 17 and 0, respectively)
Slot Feading of Fear Tactic and trigger it on dummy target
See that your chance to be critically hit is more than zero somehow.
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has duplicate 0022063 closedEmissary [Mara] Feading on Fear Tactic is giving more than 10% percentace chance to be crit 




2024-01-11 22:03

reporter   ~0042078

I couldnt find delete so edit/clone this one. Tactic is name is Feading on Fear


2024-01-11 22:30

reporter   ~0042080

What is your initiative?


2024-01-11 23:10

reporter   ~0042083

my init is 243


2024-01-11 23:32

reporter   ~0042084

243 init puts your base chance to be crit at 12.59%. Your 17% reduced chance to be crit is subtracted from this, giving -4.41% chance to be crit (this shows as 0% on the character sheet). Feeding on Fear then triggers which adds 10% to your chance to be crit 5.59%

However, the character sheet uses the old init conversion formula which puts you at 14.40% base chance to be crit. Your reduced-crit stat reduces this to -2.6% (shows as 0% on the character sheet), and then Feeding on Fear adds 10% to this which gives you a chance to be crit of 7.4% on the character sheet.

Working as intended, not a bug (apart from the general character sheet issues).

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