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0022157Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-01-25 19:56
ReporterAbsinth Assigned ToVegetaplays  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0022157: Great mace of the dead is being sold for the BO but he can not equip it.
DescriptionBlack orc/choppa can buy "Great Mace of the dead" but this class has no great hammer weapons soo you cant use the appearance of it on the weapon.
Causes the player to loose 3 morrsleib coins.
Steps To Reproduce1. buy "Great Mace of the Dead" for 3 morrsleib coins
2. Try to use it on appearance
3. See that no borc/choppa weapon is great hammer
4. be angry that you lost your time on farming 600 kills.
TagsBlack Orc, Choppa, Event, fashionhammer, hexensnacht, issue, live event, witching night




2024-01-21 19:24


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2024-01-21 19:28

reporter   ~0042213

Screen of armory showing that there is no hammer that borc can use as weapon, refund or change the category to "great axe" would be great.
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image-2.png (140,450 bytes)   


2024-01-21 20:27

developer   ~0042233

Hello, this issue has been fixed for Black orc and Choppa. You will have to trade in your old weapon (that is currently bugged), for the new version of the wep in the event vendor. Thanks for the ticket! this will go live the next time the Live server is booted.


2024-01-25 19:56

manager   ~0042288


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