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0022243Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-16 17:51
ReporterRotgut Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0022243: Can't cast non instant spells thru zones (possibly something else)
DescriptionYou can't cast anything that is a channel, or has a cast time, thru zones (i think). Picture number 1 shows where my Phosphorous Shells doesn't go off in Ostland, and picture 2 where it becomes possible again. Instant spells work fine. And i don't think its an Engi bug because the same happened at The Maw on my Rune Priest - i could cast instant heals and DoTs but not the Single Target heal that has a cast time.

I noticed some other spots around that Destro Warcamp in Ostland with the same issue, but i was getting the message "You have entered Raven's Ends Wood" exactly on the spot where casting became possible again - so instead of posting even more pictures i'm gonna assume its something to do with that.
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2024-01-30 06:51


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2024-06-16 17:51

manager   ~0043494

fixed, pending deploy.

This was affecting any ground target ability. Cast time has nothing to do with it.
It is really a client bug, but I've implemented a workaround for it server side.

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