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0022246Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-11 02:54
ReporterLoman Assigned ToEmissary  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0022246: Witch hunter Beastlord 6 doesn't work
DescriptionThe sixth beaslord witch hunter set, who's "Intensity - On being hit 10% to gain a finisher point" isn't working, i've been testing this by going in rvr and kind of suiciding 10 time to be sure and it don't give accusation in any way. Thx for the work guy !
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has duplicate 0022520 closedHazmy WH Beastlord 6pc Does Not Function 




2024-02-05 11:14

reporter   ~0042380

Just to confirm, i've been playing with the set since 1 week and it don't work.


2024-06-09 23:12

manager   ~0043380

fixed pending next patch

Thank you


2024-06-10 13:28

reporter   ~0043393

Sorry to reopen this ticket but i just tried beastlord 6 after the patch who should have resolved this got up, and it sound like it still don't work or i'm really really unlucky. As the bug on sweeping razor has probably being resolve(didn't retry it after patch) wh has no worth accusation generation in wb so i'm sad. Thx for the reading and your time keep the work you'r doing amazing


2024-06-10 15:21

reporter   ~0043398

Sorry for the disturb i was just extremely unlucky and overeacted a bit


2024-06-10 18:46

reporter   ~0043401

Though i were wrong and it worked properly but it appeared that the 6p isn't working after dying one time. To make it work again you can only log out and reconnect or switching one beastlord p after each death. Thx !


2024-06-10 19:56

manager   ~0043402

Can I get another WH and WE to confirm this as well please. At work right now for the next few hours be good to get a couple more sets of eyes on it. Thank you


2024-06-10 22:56

reporter   ~0043406

I tried to confirm it by connecting,getting hit by mobs to death then respawning then getting hit and kill by mob 5 time(mobs damaging beetween 130/330 with 7200 hp so thats something like 35 hit without counting all the stats) and then retrying with the beastlord p switch.
I did this process 3 times and the 6p only worked when connecting or switching the p. so that's at least something like 500 hit after dying or without switching p who didn't proc, i did this to see if i was unlucky or not i hope it will be usefull. Dw take your time thank you.


2024-06-11 02:54

manager   ~0043407

fixed again, pending next patch

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