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0022277Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-05 02:37
ReporterFlorian90210 Assigned ToEmissary  
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Summary0022277: SM's "Sudden shift" ability not getting CD reduction from WW
DescriptionSM's "Sudden shift" ability not getting CD reduction from Whispering Winds.
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2024-02-04 20:59

reporter   ~0042378

It never has, and probably shouldn't.


2024-02-04 22:49

reporter   ~0042379

So I just checked with a long-time SM from my guild and he is fairly certain that Sudden Shift did work with Whispering Winds at one point, but I can't recall that from my own Swordmaster. This is an issue that would likely require clarification from the devs as to what the actual interaction is intended to be.


2024-02-24 22:11

reporter   ~0042505

It worked on BO's change plan too before rework patch. Don't see reason to limit this ability if all this time before it was not issue.


2024-06-03 00:26

manager   ~0043052

Tooltip can be added that it is not affected by cooldown reduction.


2024-06-05 02:37

manager   ~0043157

Added a Not Affected by Cooldown Reduction to the tooltip for Sudden Shift, Changin' Da Plan and Recklass Gamble

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