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0022284Return of ReckoningDungeonspublic2024-03-11 20:09
ReporterRoids Assigned ToVegetaplays  
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Summary0022284: Ap drain on Arethremia Adds in GB
DescriptionLike i said many times its insane how u get leeched out of AP and in this video we had good aoe to not stack them like crazy, other GB runs u just cant do anything, linked a video
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2024-02-08 18:32

reporter   ~0042404

I have the same problem, usually I can get a few attacks off but I was playing with higher ping today and couldn't do a thing. Even when popping an AP pot, by the time the GCD was over I had no AP again.


2024-02-11 04:17

developer   ~0042413

Fixed to make not stack.

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