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0022294Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-19 15:42
ReporterDo0mforce Assigned ToGobtar  
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Summary0022294: Witchbrew tactics BUG
DescriptionWitchbrew is a Frenzy and uses frenzy mechanics but does not get effectet by tactics like Franzied Mayhem and For the Hag Qeen wich it should
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has duplicate 0022302 closedGobtar Witch elf: Frenzied Mayhem 
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2024-06-12 19:05

developer   ~0043445

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2024-06-19 14:40

developer   ~0043578

Last edited: 2024-06-19 15:27

Hello Do0mforce,

I have confirmed that this tactic is not working as indicating , reviewing in full detail now

Witchbrew not working with For the Hag Queen is intended, as Witchbrew is a self targeting ability, it should not have a chance of knocking down the witch Elf that uses it, nor is it intended for each proc of Witchbrew to have a chance to knock down the enemy target.

Thank you for your efforts, I will be attempting to fix Witch Brew to work as it should.


2024-06-19 15:17

reporter   ~0043583

Frenzied Mayhem is intended to not boost Witchbrew according to the balance changes of 11th March 2024:
Check attachment.
If For The Hag Queen is also not meant to work for Witchbrew, then there is no bug.
image.png (138,761 bytes)   
image.png (138,761 bytes)   


2024-06-19 15:39

developer   ~0043584

Thank you for your input leftayparxoun,

I have reviewed this with the balance team to ensure we are thorough with our due diligence, Witchbrew, is a bit of an edge case, and this pairing is designed specifically to work together. However Witch Brew will not stack with generic damage boosts such as Taste of Blood and Masterful Treachery.

Thank you again for your time.


2024-06-19 15:41

developer   ~0043585

Hello again Do0mforce,

Witch Brew is now working as intended. This should be rolled out to production in the new future.

Thank you for your bug report.
WitchBrew.png (29,143 bytes)   
WitchBrew.png (29,143 bytes)   

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