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0022317Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-15 15:05
ReporterNameless Assigned ToNatherul  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0022317: Zealot heal ritual
DescriptionYet another problem with range of zealot (may be rp aswell) ritual.
Heal ritual is bugged and doesnt measure well z axis.
Now when you cast the ritual at keep 1st floor and your party is at lord room the ritual is healing noone.
Steps To ReproduceGo keep, cast heal ritual atv1st floor, go second floor and check combat log for heal ticks


has duplicate 0021536 closedEmissary Zealot visual bug when mounting 
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2024-06-13 16:17

reporter   ~0043469

So tested more rituals and master runes. It seems range z-axis checks are totally bugged .
You see at 1st screen that i am at 80ft range (since i could cast the ritual)
At second screen i casted it and you see that i dont have any heal proc from it (posted some timestamps the one hour diff is cos i am +1 from server time)
Most bizarre could be seen at 3rd pic where i am super close to the ritual, i even got the icon on buffhead but no heal whatsoever

So check it, test it and fix it. First 2 are easy done no idea about the last one
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2024-06-13 16:27

reporter   ~0043470

While testing Z-axis i got other bizarre but not so significant visual bug. It seems that rituals cast and heal range are intact on flat land BUT the the heal icon pop at shorter range
On the first screen ive casted ritual at the feet of the other runie, then went back within the 100 fts (could cast the 100ft range rune of shielding) and i got heals and procs from the rune but no icon.
On second pic when i moved much closed (less than 80 ft, may be 75 or so) the healing icon of rune of adamant poped.
Since all runes runs on separate cd this become problem cos when the group lose ritual icon i often use second ritual to cover the fact we are out of the reach of 1st ritual but obv the game send wrong message to the ui

Prolly that bug is true for all rituals not only heal one
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2024-06-15 07:01

reporter   ~0043476

It seems the second note is true only on rp. On zealot however if you cast ritual the buff on tour ui stay till the
Ritual time is over no matter how far are you. It is bizarre that for identical skills on both fractions the ui notification works totally different. They both are bugged but rp ones is more closer to the right way to work.


2024-06-15 14:53

developer   ~0043478

fixed in next patch

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