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0022318Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-12 01:27
ReporterHaskr Assigned ToEmissary  
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Summary0022318: Missing Essence Brooch of the Fleshrender equivalent item on Order side
On the order side there is no fleshrender equivalent with intelligence and lifegain, on destro side shaman can build regeneration build with int and life gain (Essence Brooch of the Fleshrender) and on order side archmage cant, is it possible to also implement it on order side?
Even if its just a niche build.
Thank you very much!




2024-02-13 07:55

reporter   ~0042437

I want to add that this also affects the Bright Wizzard.


2024-06-12 01:27

manager   ~0043439

added the archmage to the drop for the ring

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