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0022405Return of ReckoningQuestspublic2024-05-07 20:47
ReporterSickjinn Assigned ToVegetaplays  
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Summary0022405: <Quest: Don't Eat the Muck> Clumps of Muck Missing from Sulpherous Cave
DescriptionIn the Black Crag quest "Don't Eat the Muck", you are instructed to enter the Sulpherous Cave and collect 5 Clumps of Muck from the holes throughout the cave, however, no such holes exist in the game world, making the quest impossible to complete.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start quest
2) Go to Sulpherous Cave
3) Muck Holes are missing
4) Quest cannot be completed
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2024-04-04 04:15

reporter   ~0042653

Update 2024/04/03 - Seems like the Muck Holes were fixed in large PVE update last month, however, they now suffer from the "unlootable + instantly disappear" bug.


2024-04-07 22:54

developer   ~0042674

Fixed. will be up in next patch.

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