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0022435Return of ReckoningQuestspublic2024-06-16 22:59
Reporterlolwut Assigned ToVegetaplays  
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Summary0022435: Destro RvR Scout quest for Furrig's Fall in Black Fire Pass is broken.
DescriptionMorgob who gives out scout quests in BFP has [The Yolk's on You] quest, which asks you to travel to T1 Elf pairing and scout BOs there. He has a scout quest for Bugman's Brewery, and it works fine, but no quest for Furrig's Fall.
Steps To ReproduceFly to BFP
Talk to Morgob
TagsOpen RvR, Quests, Tier 3




2024-03-08 23:23


WAR_1jGSfFsaHk.png (1,413,670 bytes)


2024-03-09 18:13

reporter   ~0042563

The Furrig's Fall quest is likely on another NPC, did you talk to all of them? The T1 scouting quest is normal to find in T3.


2024-03-11 13:59

reporter   ~0042567

I did check all the quests in that warcamp, there is no Furrig's Fall scout quest there.
Regardless, that NPC should not give you the quest to scout T1 elf rvr.


2024-06-16 22:59

developer   ~0043515

The Quest is called Vat full of Mushrooms for the Scout Furrig's Fall. But the minimum level was mistakenly set to 40. it is now correctly set to level 16. Thanks for the ticket!

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