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0022504Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-05-07 20:47
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Summary0022504: Altdorf City Siege -- No Party windows
DescriptionTonight in NA City time there was a major bug where the party window was not available did all the normal script commands to pull it up. When the window was pulled up through script it showed all parties empty.

We logged in as a 12 man and on our UI's we stayed in our 12 man. However even though it showed us in the same party, we were not. Same thing was happening in every city instance on both sides. We could tell we were in the random parties that the city placed us in but unless we talked in /sp we did not know who was in the group with us.
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2024-03-25 03:24

reporter   ~0042608

Video will be uploaded here.


2024-03-28 09:22

reporter   ~0042623

The problem happened yesterday again.

It was impossible to see the window to switch parties or the Summary SC window and party's UI were bug/not up to date with the good members in it.

If you compare the Killboard with the screen shot, you'll see that not every players were displayed :
Sans titre.png (3,698,845 bytes)


2024-04-06 02:34

reporter   ~0042668

This bug happened again today - April 5 EU City

Some additional details:

Players are in parties - just not the ones shown on the unit frames. By typing in scenario party chat, attempting to use party buffs or casting AoE effects you can determine who is where.

 It appears to be the case that they are assigned to parties as they enter the instance.

You can see all the enemy unit frames for the people you queue with. You cannot see any frames for people you didn't queue with - even if they are in your party in the instance.


2024-04-09 20:47

administrator   ~0042685

Fix pending

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