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0022601Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-05-07 14:30
Reporternoronn Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0022601: Abilities with a cooldown activate the next gcd cycle without actually firing when pressed slightly before the cooldown is over
DescriptionEvery ability with a cooldown will not fire but activate a gcd cycle when pressed slightly before the cooldown is over leading to wasted gcds and abilities while playing.
Steps To ReproduceUse an ability with a cooldown. Wait for the cooldown to tick down to almost 0. Use the ability slightly before the cooldown is over to trigger the next gcd, next cooldown on the ability without the ability applying to the target.
Additional InformationCan be replicated 100% of the time if you get the timing right. See videos for proof. This is the case for every class. Slayer in the video is just an example.
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2024-04-22 05:16

reporter   ~0042726

This has been the case for a long time now. When this happens i always remember quote from Aza "
The GCD on both AoR and RoR is 1.15 seconds. We know this is the case because the client allows abilities to be used 1.15s into the displayed 1.5s GCD as long as you get your timing right. If you invoke the ability too early, it will be blocked until the 1.5s GCD is up.

We previously had the server enforce the 1.5s GCD hard, and it resulted in client casts being cancelled. "

I mean how about trying the old GCD and see what happens? cant be that hard of a change nowadays.


2024-04-28 18:00

reporter   ~0042742 This is from 2022 my magus vs Wl and Wl interrupts Disarm, you can see that animation stops but castbar doesnt AND it triggers cooldown of the interrupted disarm. I cant even believe how these things are not noticed, because these kind of very gamebreaking bugs like skill interrupted goes on cooldown. To this happen you dont even need to be interrupted by skill, los is enough... So if i start to cast 2s skill and it goes close to finishing but doesnt because enemy breaks los, it still goes on cooldown.

These kind of things happen every time i play, and its not a rare thing. Also not related but PLS fix the Melee Channels and remove the cone of fire thing for melee abilities, never was a thing and shouldnt be a thing.


2024-05-03 14:22

reporter   ~0042765

I can confirm this, reproduced this bug with ID, Slow Down and Deep Wound on slayer.


2024-05-07 14:30

manager   ~0042800

Fix Pending

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