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0022604Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-05-07 20:46
ReporterR1CH Assigned ToVegetaplays  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0022604: Inconsistent pricing of Master Apothercary's Ampoule
DescriptionUsually when a level 200 container is offered as a purchase / reward, it is either 1x Talisman Container or 4x Apothecary Containers for the same cost. However at the guild hall vendor, the Master Apothercary's Ampoule sells at the same price as the Master Artifcer's Reliquary (1 coin), making it a very unattractive purchase.
Additional InformationScreenshots attached showing discrepancy.
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2024-04-22 22:20


7YtukqN6DO.png (365,742 bytes)
4OsmrOCeaC.png (107,405 bytes)   
4OsmrOCeaC.png (107,405 bytes)   
U1SVIxDoF1.png (122,047 bytes)   
U1SVIxDoF1.png (122,047 bytes)   


2024-04-25 23:40

developer   ~0042737

Increased the amount in the guild vendor to 4. will be live in the next patch. thanks for the ticket!

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