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0022665Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-08 05:21
Reportergzofsparta Assigned ToGobtar  
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Summary0022665: Tactic not working as it should
DescriptionThe bright wizard's third tactic of Path of Incineration, "Burn Through", says "Fireball and Pyroclastic Surge are now virtually undefendable". When you equip the tactic, the fireball can't be defended against. Cannot be disrupted or blocked, but this is not true for PS, which can be defended against like any other spell. Even in PvE is not working. It is tested multiple times, in scenarios,RvR and PQs and PS is not gaining any defense bypass at all. Fireball does though as the tactic suggests.
It is a major problem because it cripples the potential of the path, because you invest a lot for these two undefendable abilities and you don't gain what you should.
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2024-05-06 22:54

reporter   ~0042797

I'm asking other BWs and they are noticing the same problem with pyroclastic surge; fireball works fine.


2024-06-07 07:00

reporter   ~0043281

Yes, Can confirm this exact behavior. PS is unaffected but Fireball functions as it should.


2024-06-08 04:49

developer   ~0043347

Hello gzofsparta

Thank you for your bug report, I was able to replicate this issue, and now will be reviewing to determine where we can find a resolution.

Thank you for your time and I hope I will be able to resolve this issue for you soon


2024-06-08 05:21

developer   ~0043348

Hello again gzofsparta,

I have resolved this issue, Pyroclastic Surge is now Undefendable when the Burn Through Tactic is slotted and will be pushed out to deployment very soon.

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