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0022737Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-09 23:15
ReporterAcidic Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0022737: Sowrdmaster tactic "Blessing of heaven" applies effect on all hit not Targeted
DescriptionIn the text for teh tactic it states that "Places an effect on your target for 10 sec" in reality it places the effect on all hit , so effecting your target and all around that are hit by the effect.
The difference if that in a blob situation u can hit 24, and so dps taht aoe in teh same place will get 24x32 heal per hit.
Steps To Reproducestand close to a few targets , equit the tactic, use skill "wrath of hoeth", move cursor to all that were hit . you will see taht all have the effect .
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2024-05-27 16:53


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2024-05-27 17:47

reporter   ~0042932

in title it should read ... Traget, carrently is targeted. as the bug is about the text saying "target" also title shoudl have target


2024-05-27 18:48

reporter   ~0042933

I don't think "target" is meant to be taken literally as the person you have targeted, otherwise you could target people far away out of line of sight and apply abilities to them. Lots of abilities across many different classes all imply "target" as the person(s) being hit.


2024-05-27 19:21

reporter   ~0042934

i leave the semantic to the devs. but to me its clear in other skills "targets" plural is used and target is used for aoe for when it is specificaly single target such as kd


2024-05-27 19:24

reporter   ~0042935

i leave the semantic to the devs. but to me its clear in other skills "targets" plural is used for aoe and target is used when it is specificaly single target such as kd
mixed up in comment above.


2024-05-28 01:15

reporter   ~0042936

The meaning of "target" has always been ambiguous, even with Mythic. Zealot's +25% incoming heal buff tactic (Blessing of Chaos) is "Critical heals will Bless your target for 10 seconds" and procs on group members with group heals. The Zealot's heal debuff tactic ("Changer's Touch") affects the "target" but procs on anyone you deal crit damage to. The absorb tactic ("Tzeentch's Grip") also just says "target" but applies to group members with group heals.

Typically, "targets" (plural) is used when a single event effects multiple people at the same time, e.g. "all targets within 30ft", "up to 9 targets", etc. Tactic procs that reference just "target" rather than offensive/defensive/current target are something that applies to the single person affected by what procced the tactic.


2024-05-29 12:18

reporter   ~0042942

The effect being applied to all targets hit is intended. As Omegus pointed out, that is just how Mythic worded abilities.

However there does seem to be a bug with Blessing of Heaven. If you hit multiple targets affected with Blessing of Heaven of one Swordmaster, you only get 1 HoT as intended. However, you get an initial heal for every target you hit. That shouldn't be the case. The initial tick should be part of the HoT effect, which doesn't stack for multiple targets hit. (It should stack with multiple SM's applying BoH)


2024-06-09 23:14

manager   ~0043381

fixed pending next patch

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