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0022803Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-07 18:41
Reporterleftayparxoun Assigned ToNatherul  
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Summary0022803: [WE] - ''On Your Knees'' provides morale buff to party Zonewide
DescriptionThe morale buff to party from On Your Knees is Zonewide.
Was tested both in IC and BC, with party members being both in PvE only, RvR only, PvE and RvR and across the whole map.

WH Dragon Gun could also have the same issue too.
Steps To Reproduce-Make a party of 2
-Go faaaar away from each other in the same zone
-WE uses OYK
-Observe morale bar of 2nd member

-Repeat for WH's Dragon Gun on Order side
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2024-06-07 18:41

developer   ~0043323

fixed in next patch

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