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0022843Return of ReckoningGeneralpublic2024-06-15 02:21
ReporterSpacefishPrime Assigned ToEmissary  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0022843: Preserved Heavy Bat Wing unusable in apothecary
DescriptionPreserved Heavy Bat Wing CR39 / Apothecary 175 main ingredient sold by guild hall vendor is unusable in apothecary. Error message "Bad seed data. Since the seed couldn't be generated, it has been lost." The item remains in inventory, but cannot be placed in apoth window after selecting a vial. Cannot be added from main bag or crafting bag.
Steps To ReproduceAdd preserved heavy bat wing to apothecary GUI slot
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2024-06-14 22:37

reporter   ~0043471

Checked on destro and order now, and the lower level bat wings. Same results and error message.


2024-06-15 02:21

manager   ~0043473

fixed a lot of unusable crafting items from being seen on the server

thank you

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