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0022864Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-17 23:53
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Summary0022864: [Sorc] - Dire Blast M1 weird behavior
DescriptionAt lvl 40 a Sorc's Dire Blast M1 says:
''Deals 600 damage to your target immediately, and another 1206 over 9 seconds''

The 1206 value seems weird and one would expect to find 1200 there. But regardless, there is another issue; the 1206 dmg over 9 seconds only starts happening 6 seconds after the initial damage instance (check attachment).
This seems weird, and at the very least is not described in the ability itself if it's intended.

If both of those behaviours are intended then perhaps update the description on how long the delay for the dot is.
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2024-06-17 21:39


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image.png (101,491 bytes)   


2024-06-17 23:53

manager   ~0043543

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fixed, well not the 1206 thing, thats all you get unless you want 1173 because of math and calculation so pick your poison

Thank you

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