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0022874Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-19 17:25
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Summary0022874: KOBS and Chosen Heal Aura ticks and tooltip
DescriptionKOBS (Stay Focused):
Currently does 2 ticks per second over 3 seconds (6 ticks total) - I believe this is a bug and it is meant to be one tick per second (3 ticks total) like the chosen one.

Chosen (Corrupting Retribution):
Does not heal for what the tooltip says for. For example, tooltip says 156 over 3 seconds with 9pts in tree but heals for 117 over 3 seconds. This is likely a tooltip error as the chosen aura is always showing about 45% more in value compared to KOBS aura, while the 117 is accurate with what the KOBS aura tooltip is at with the respective points in tree.
TagsAbility, Chosen, Knight of Blazing Sun, Tooltip




2024-06-19 00:12

manager   ~0043562

getting the balance teams opinion on this as these two abilities are setup diff in the ability system.


2024-06-19 17:24

manager   ~0043595

Last edited: 2024-06-19 17:24

Changed stay focused to be in line with Chosen's aura.

Will come out next patch

Thank you

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