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0022281Return of ReckoningQuestspublic2024-03-11 20:09
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Summary0022281: Tor Achare Public Quest - Eagle Claws
DescriptionThe Eagle Claws in Stage II of the Destruction Public Quest in Chrace 'Tor Achare' seem to be overtuned; they have an absurd amount of health.
Enough that myself (lvl 15 Black Guard) and a lvl 12 Sorceress were unable to take one down in the time limit required to kill EIGHT (not to mention the fact they are guarded by two mobs that end up respawning multiple times over the course of trying to destroy the eagle claw, on account of it not moving).

This is NOT a case of a bugged vehicle destructible or whatever, we were dealing damage to them, they just have a ridiculous amount of health to the point that it essentially makes the Public Quest unbeatable unless you have a full warband or something.
Steps To ReproduceEnter Tor Achare PQ
Complete Stage I by slaying the required amount of Hunter Axebearers and Hunter Guards
It advances to Stage II
Head up to the Eagle Claws and attempt to attack them, witness how much health they have for a level 9 standard mob.
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2024-02-06 01:35

reporter   ~0042388

Reproduced the bug by attempting it another time, just to be sure.

Tried fighting some different Eagle Claws on the western side of the area with another player, and it had the same problem.


2024-02-12 08:45

reporter   ~0042435

On a similar note, the exact same issue is apparent in the Hard Public Quest in High Pass: Chaos Chapter 14 - Tower of the Elves.
You kill the required amount of Guards, Archers and Scouts, then when it gets to Stage 2 you have to destroy 6 Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers, while being mobbed by several High Elves, but the Eagle Claws have absurd amounts of HP.
This is effectively preventing me from progressing the 'Vanity Is Its Own Reward' quest chain because in order to complete that I need to kill Kalandrys Starweaver which is the boss of the final stage of 'Tower of the Elves'.

If I should make a separate issue report for this quest i'll do so, but since it's effectively the exact same bug with similar circumstances I figured i'd just leave it as a note here.


2024-02-13 23:02

developer   ~0042451

Their HP pool has significantly been lowered, the PQ is completable now.

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