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0022501Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-05-22 17:55
ReporterCyunUnderis Assigned Todalen  
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Summary0022501: [SH] - Outta My Way! doesn't punt enemies
DescriptionOutta My Way! must push back a short distance the opponents that the Squig crosses and at the moment this is not the case.
Steps To ReproduceUse Outta My Way! and move to an enemy player
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has duplicate 0022627 closedHazmy [PTS] Outta My Way no punt effect and no knockdown effect in monsters (NPCs) 




2024-03-24 10:06

reporter   ~0042605

This is actually one of the very few bugs initially introduced by the new ability system that made it through the PTS (
If someone can find some footage of the old version of the ability (that punted people/knocked down mobs) it would probably make a strong case for the fix.
I looked through all recent youtube clips I could but Outta My Way! wasn't clearly shown in any of them.
(If it isn't a bug, but a deliberate change to the ability, it should be noted in the patch notes on the forums)


2024-03-28 09:41

reporter   ~0042624

Pretty hard to see but at that timestamp you can see the SM is immuned against Outta My Way!, so the skill can punt :

Also, in the same video, at this timestamp, the MSH is rooted but he can channeled Outta My Way! and the skill punt a BW close to him :

I'll try to find some more example.


2024-04-30 14:41

reporter   ~0042745

With the recent Test server update, I looked into state of Outta my way skill and it isnt changed to a state it was before Ability Rework.
These are videos I made before Ability rework:

Outta My Way initiate punt without immunities same as zealots Wind of Insanity.

Thats test video dated march 2023:

Outta my way grant knockdown immunity to NPCs (monsters) same as stated on Wind of Insanity.

Thats real battle short showing how skill worked pre Ability Rework:
Wind of Insanity.png (51,492 bytes)   
Wind of Insanity.png (51,492 bytes)   


2024-05-08 19:22

manager   ~0042822

fix pending

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