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0022765Return of ReckoningAbilitiespublic2024-06-02 21:00
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Summary0022765: [MSH] Outtamyway ignores pvp punt immunity

MeleeSquigherder's mastery ability "Outtamyway" is a channeled ability which is supposed to knockback players if they dont have punt immunity. Without giving immunity because of the nature of the channeled pulses of mini pushes, however it is supposed to respect immunities if they are already applied. And that is not the case atm.
Steps To Reproduce1) Log SH and spec into Mastery ability Outtamyway
2) do a Kaboom on an Order player to give them immunity
3) channel Outtamyway and bump into the Order player while they have punt/pull/root immunity
4) see how they are still being pushed around and the ability not respecting immunities.
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2024-06-02 21:00

developer   ~0043039

Fixed on dev.

Pending push to live - might try to rush this one out a bit sooner due to the severity of the bug. Thanks for the ticket!

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